Self h 24

ALL-IN Self h24
is the product of 20 years of experience

This is the unique and innovative techno-structure applied to 24-hour self-service multi-station jet washes, serving customers who need to clean their vehicles with the highest quality and speed.
It reinvents the classic jet wash facility we are used to: a facility with a modern design and customisable colours that brings together the option of total vehicle cleaning in a single workspace.

Car body wash and interior cleaning in just 4 buttons



01 Washing
02 Water
03 Suction
04 Air Sanificazione

ALL-IN is intuitive and easy for everyone to use!

The new self-service till payment system allows customers to independently purchase and recharge RFID CARD, sspecial plastic cards with a customisable magnetic strip, for activating the services offered with real time consumption.

The structure has an innovative design, is LED-lit, functional and also suitable for photovoltaic coverage.
The available technology can halve the time needed for the cleaning process, optimising and decisively reducing both electricity consumption and detergents.

ALL-IN is space and construction-saving simple arrangements also suitable for waste water reuse systems.

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